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If you got up this morning and immediately began dreading the day, there’s a problem. If you dragged yourself into the office today and have been praying the day goes fast, there’s a problem. If you don’t feel like you’re making your mark in the world, there’s a problem. If you’re reading this at work right now, there’s a problem. See the trend?

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Work, grocery store, laundry, cook dinner, pick the kids up from school, take them to soccer practice or dance classes, shovel your dinner into your mouth, catch up on any work you need to, have a two-minute conversation to catch up on the day with your spouse and get some shut eye before the next school day rolls around. If this is you and a work/life balance seems like a figment of your imagination, think again.

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When you were little, you probably didn’t know a whole lot about career choices or the perks of choosing one job over another. You only knew you wanted to have fun and live in a mansion (ok, a townhome will do).

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Every spring, thousands of eager college graduates enter the “real” world. However, the number of jobs available typically doesn’t correlate with the number of eligible job seekers.

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As a mother with 2 school-aged children, substitute teaching fits right into my lifestyle. While I have a teaching degree and 10 years of teaching experience, I appreciate the freedom and flexible scheduling of substitute teaching.

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Achieving the perfect work/life balance may seem like a pipe dream. When you’re working full-time, you’re lucky to find time to do the laundry and prepare a meal for your children, let alone schedule a date night with your significant other.

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Overworked, exhausted, frustrated...these are just some of the terms you can use to describe most nurses working at a hospital or medical facility. There’s no denying that caring for your patients and watching their health steadily improve under your administrations can be immensely rewarding. However, the long hours, stressful work atmosphere, and bullying from older nurses, also known as “nurses eating their young,” can take a significant toll on even the strongest, most dedicated nurses.

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You’ve had another awful day at work. You go home exhausted, frustrated, and, frankly, fed up with your job’s overwhelming expectations, lack of recognition and inflexible schedule. Perhaps, it’s time to consider a career change?

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You’ve reached, or you’re about to reach, the stage in your life that everyone talks so highly of, the years of retirement. You’ve put in your time in the career field, you’ve worked the long hours and dedicated yourself to your job, but now it’s time for you!

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Staying at home with your children can be a rewarding experience. Not only are you avoiding the high costs of childcare, but you’re also strongly influencing your children’s learning and development. But after you’ve packed the kids’ lunches, sent them off to school, caught up on house errands and cleaned the entire house top to bottom, you may be at a loss for what to do next.

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5 Reasons Substitute Teaching Provides More Than You Think

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions out there about what subbing is, and about what it isn’t. That’s why we developed this helpful guide to show you the benefits of substitute teaching. get started on the right career path that is ideal for where you are.

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3 Ways to Improve Your Classroom Presence

One of the challenges of substitute teaching, no matter the classroom, is having a strong classroom presence. That special “je ne sais quoi” is difficult to teach and often thought of as partly an innate ability, but that doesn’t mean those that may struggle a bit more than others can’t be...

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Useful Links

These links will take you to all the necessary resources you need in order to apply to Substitute Teacher Services.

PA Act 34 – PA State Police Clearance ($22.00)
PA Act 114 – FBI Fingerprinting: ($23.85) 
     *Instructions for FBI Fingerprinting click here

  ***You will be emailed your unofficial results. You will only have 1 chance to save(as PDF) or print your FBI Fingerprinting results after you click the link in your email.  Afterwards, you will not have access to the results***

PA Act 151 – Child Abuse: ($13.00)
TIMS Teacher Certification Application System

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