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East Pennsboro Area

School District



Open Positions


Substitute Teachers (PA Certified Teachers Only)

As a substitute teacher, you will be responsible for carrying out the lesson plans of the regularly appointed teacher for whom you would be substituting.  Your goal will be to adhere to the learning environment that would exist if the regular teacher were in the classroom.

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Guest Teachers

Substitute Teacher Service, STS, is proud to announce the implementation of the STS/IU-13 Guest Teacher Program.  This program allows those who have a 4 year degree to take an online training program that would prepare them for teaching in the classroom as a day to day substitute teacher.

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Classroom Monitors (Act 91)

Classroom Monitors (Act 91 of 2021) will ease Pennsylvania's day-to-day substitute teacher shortage by providing schools with more hiring flexibility. A classroom monitor may be employed to provide coverage and deliver preplanned assignments in classrooms; importantly, a classroom monitor may not plan lessons or create or grade student work.
In order to participate in the Classroom Monitor Program (PA Act 91), you must have completed 60 semester hours or the equivalent of courses at a regionally accredited college or university located in Pennsylvania or have at least three (3) years experience as a paraprofessional in a school entity and is currently employed as a paraprofessional in a school entity.
You must be at least 25 years of age; and have completed a training on classroom management which will be provided to you.

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Support Staff

Substitute Teacher Service, (STS) is actively recruiting candidates for Para Educators, Personal Care Assistants, and positions in East Pennsboro Area School District.

All applicants must be pre-screened before the on-boarding process can begin. 

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Student Teachers (Act 86)

The Act 86 Program, effective summer of 2016, allows current students enrolled in a Pennsylvania accredited college or university pursuing teacher certification to work as a substitute teacher.  The program is designed for student teachers to gain experience in the classroom for a maximum of twenty days per school year.

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