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Open Positions


Substitute Teachers

As a substitute teacher, you will be responsible for carrying out the lesson plans of the regularly appointed teacher for whom you would be substituting.  Your goal will be to adhere to the learning environment that would exist if the regular teacher were in the classroom.

Substitute Teachers Apply Here!

Guest Teachers

Substitute Teacher Service, STS, is proud to announce the implementation of the STS/IU-13 Guest Teacher Program.  This program allows those who have a 4 year degree to take an online training program that would prepare them for teaching in the classroom as a day to day substitute teacher.

Guest Teachers Apply Here!

Retired Teachers

Substitute Teacher Service, (STS) is looking for PA Retired Teachers to serve as daily substitute teachers on an as needed basis.  We know that seasoned educators bring a wealth of knowledge and teaching experience to the classroom.  Your experience would be a welcomed addition to our educational workforce!

Retired Teachers Apply Here!

Security Guards

Provides security for the school district staff, students, buildings and property through patrol of school building(s) and building perimeters, including parking lots, to prevent unauthorized visitors or property damage and to provide for general building security; does related work as required.

All applicants must be pre-screened before the on-boarding process can begin. Please contact Tyler Godwin at t.godwin@thesubservice.com for more information.

If you have accepted a position, please apply below

Security Guards Apply Here!

Clerical and Non-Educational Support

Substitute Teacher Service, (STS) has openings for clerical  are individuals who work alongside administrators, office staff and some work behind the scenes to ensure that there is an efficient infrastructure within which effective teaching and learning can take place. 

Clerical/Non-Educational Support Staff Apply Here!

SUPPORT STAFF (Special Education and General Education Assistants)

Substitute Teacher Service, (STS) is actively recruiting candidates to fill vacancies for FULL TIME Support Staff positions in the Hatboro Horsham School District. 

All applicants must be pre-screened prior to submitting an application. Please contact the hiring manager, Ana Dougherty, at a.dougherty@thesubservice.com for more information.

Support Staff positions will provide group (classroom assistant) and individual (classroom aide or 1:1 assistant) assistance with student academic and behavioral performance; direct student assistance with class work, testing and communication. Special Education placements requires assistance with monitoring of medical conditions, physical needs, personal care, feeding, and possible exposure to bodily fluids and/or toileting.